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My Rates, Terms, and Conditions


A quick guide to my VO rates and services:

  • Voiceover rates are based on a range of variables: the medium (i.e. radio, television, internet), the market (i.e. local, national, international), the length, the nature, and the use of the audio.

  • Rates can be determined per project, or length of the script (word count.)

  • The more specific you are about your wants and needs, the easier it is to give you an informed quote, and a polished final product.

  • The prices listed below are “starting at” rates.

  • Remember that I'm always happy to provide a free sample before confirming a booking.


For corporate/web/explainer videos, my basic session fee (starting fee) is £200.  This has VAT already included, and also covers:

  • To voice and edit my performance so that you have a clean, and broadcast-quality audio file.

  • Hire of my purpose-built studio and all equipment therein.

  • Non-broadcast usage on client websites, client social media channels, and/or internal training. 

  • Free retakes in case of errors (this excludes changes in the script after the initial audio was recorded. The recording of a script that was revised after the first text was officially approved and recorded, is regarded and billed as a new project.)

  • The option to listen in via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Skype. Source Connect, ISDN, and ipDTL are also available but require 2-3 days' notice as it involves a separate studio.

  • Supply of final audio tracks in broadcast-quality WAV format (or another format of your choice.)


Depending upon the size of the job/client and if the work will be extensively used on the web, then usage could be added on top, at 100% of the session fee per 3 months.

My latest demo reels can be listened to/downloaded on my clips page, here: Luke S. Jones Demos.

For eLearning there are three price rates I offer:

  • Raw unedited audio at £0.10 per word.

  • Edited audio at £0.17 per word.

  • Edited audio with file creation at £0.20 per word.

The minimum order amount is £200.


Rates for other projects are very much client and project/budget dependant. But please do not hesitate to contact me for an exact quote.


Payment Terms and Conditions:


Once my services have been officially engaged, the agreed fee is payable within 30 days of invoice via bank transfer. Payment via any other methods must be agreed upon in advance and may incur a surplus charge to cover any specific fees for the said method of payment (e.g. PayPal, Wise, etc.)


Late Payment:

If you think payment could take longer than 30 days, then this must be agreed to in advance. If the outstanding payment exceeds thirty days without prior agreement, fees will be applied to the total as per the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act of 2002. If payment of a revised invoice is not received within a further 14 days, additional interest will be charged to the overdue account at a statutory rate of 8% plus the Bank of England base of 0.75%, totaling 8.75%. Parties cannot contract out of the Act’s provisions.

Revisions - Terms and Conditions:

With self-directed sessions (wherein the recording session is operated autonomously by myself with closest possible adherence to the brief provided by the client), I will normally send you a sample for approval or ask you to reference one of my previous projects as a guide to how you would like me to voice your project. Assuming that the approach has been agreed upon, if you aren't 100% happy with the submitted recording afterward, I am happy to attempt again until you are completely satisfied. If script changes are made after the recording session, I will charge a revision fee.  This fee will be proportionate to the extent of the changes made to the script, so feel free to raise this before the recording session takes place if you want to discuss a particular project further.

With directed sessions (wherein the client has listened in and provided feedback during the recording), I will give you a copy of every take recorded during the session, so you can pick and choose what you want.  We will have agreed in advance how long the session should be to cover everything in your project and confirmed a price accordingly.  If the session necessitates going over the agreed time, then I will charge according to my basic studio fee rate of £200 per hour unless verbally agreed during the session.  This would be a minimum of £50 for up to 15 minutes, £100 for an extra half hour, or payment for the full hour for any longer.


Once you have agreed I can send you an invoice for payment; the project is approved.  Any further changes, either to the script or project, will have to be negotiated and billed as a new order.

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