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The world of commercial voiceover has undergone a dramatic change in recent years, and I say that quite literally. Gone are the days of the exclusively over-the-top hard sell ("SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!" sound familiar?)

And while this style remains an important choice for the right product, as consumers we have found being spoken to and not spoken at to be much more digestible and convincing. More pervasive now are the heartfelt, affable, and conversational tones of a real human being.

In truth, the styles of the commercial copy are neverending and each is valid in its own right. But whether you're looking for something emotionally resonant, the good old epic announcer, or even something just a little bit sleek and sexy, you'll find it here.

Yes, the right voice for your campaign is vital. But equally so is finding someone behind the voice who understands ad copy, can interpret the selling points that set your brand apart and deliver them authentically, matching the tone and rhythm of your campaign as a whole. With my experience and training as an actor, I can deliver a variety of commercial styles and reach out to your customers for you.

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