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From BBC Bitesize to the Open University, and proprietary courses for nearly every brand and business on the planet, the format of online learning has slowly but surely taken over as the foremost method of education. And no wonder, when the pervasiveness, ease of access, and flexible nature of eLearning means that learners can pick up and go at any time even from a smartphone.

When providing voiceover narration for eLearning courses, it's more important than ever to consider your audience. The right voice must have the stamina to narrate hours of content, while keeping that content clear, interesting, and digestible no matter how heavy the subject matter.

It's also vital to maintain audio quality throughout, not only so it isn't jarring for the learner, but so that courses can be updated and changed with new modules whilst always remaining succinct and uniform in tone. This is why my purpose-built home recording studio is always ready to provide the same broadcast-quality audio, rain or shine!

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