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Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to tell stories. It started with the pen and the power of my imagination. I've been writing ever since I've known how, and as I matured, so too did the ways I yearned to tell these stories. Like many of us, I idolised the many talents lending their voices to the animated shows of yesteryear, and before long I would start to emulate them.


It wouldn't be until I studied Television and Film Production at the University of Portsmouth that these creative worlds collided. Whilst writing and creating movies as my storytelling passion, I would also be pulled left and right by my cohorts to narrate their documentary or play their animated character. I discovered that my voice could add value to their vision, and I found my truest storytelling medium.

Ever since then, I've worked to build my brand and offer my voiceover services from a broadcast quality home recording studio, having had the fortune to work with a range of esteemed clients. I became a member of The Voiceover Network and Gravy For The Brain, from which I've accumulated a tremendous wealth of knowledge and training with established voiceover coaches from across the world.

From my writer's background, I understand the depth of intent that goes into every word, and that's why my voice can extricate that intent and deliver it with such distinction and impact. With my experience in filmmaking, and specifically writing for TV and film, I also have an innate instinct for both audible and visual storytelling, and crucially, how these worlds combine to ultimately create stories that resonate with us. And most recently, with my experience as an actor, and the training I've received from various coaches and workshops; I'm able to produce a character performance that spills from the paper with authenticity, no matter the circumstance.

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My Story

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