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Documentary Narration

It's nigh impossible to think of documentary narration without conjuring the sage tones of a Sir David Attenborough, but the world of documentary narration is so much more than just a Sunday afternoon wildlife sofa session.

The right voice for your documentary must act as a storyteller weaving an enthralling tale, an educator delivering factual content in an interesting way, as well as someone who understands the medium and can deliver consistently high-quality audio in whatever the required format.

Beyond that, the many genres of factual storytelling call for a variety of emotive deliveries. Whether it's the understated calm of life in the wild, the high-octane energy of a police pursuit, or the epic histories of myth and legend, my training as an actor allows me to relay them all. Should you have a story of your own that requires a very specific kind of read, you can always direct me live over Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams at my home studio.

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