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At the heart of this humble voiceover artist lies a big nerdy kid for whom videogames has always remained a passion ever since playing Golden Eye on my Nintendo 64 (those were the days..)


The nerds have well and truly inherited the earth, the explosion of nerd culture has come with a boom in the gaming industry that surpasses the revenue of the music and film industries combined. And small wonder, when gaming offers countless hours of interactive entertainment, and advancements in technology delivers us the experience of hyper-fidelic character performances. It is precisely these advancements that make acting for video games so vital.

Having trained with such actors as the legendary Dave Fennoy, it is my continuous pleasure to provide a range of character performances from the bombastic and eclectic to the grounded and emotional. Whether for an indie or a AAA title, the ability to adopt a variety of diverse character personas at a moment's notice is why the likes of Games Workshop and tinyBUILD have worked with me and continue to do so.

I absolutely enjoyed working with Luke. He's ultra professional, expedient, and easy to work with. His acting skills are on point, and his voice is fantastic! Highly recommend!

- Irlana.

Director/Concept Artist for Synthetic Lover.

Such great quality, turnaround times, and professionalism! The team's very happy with the results and it's always a pleasure to work with Luke. Very much looking forward to keeping doing so in the future.

- Josep Domenech Mingot.

Narrative Designer, Everguild Ltd.

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