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Medical Voiceover

Medical voiceover, like any other long-form narration, must always be clear and keep its listener's attention. Buy it's also critical that the information given be entirely accurate in both content and pronunciation; as the audience can range from medical staff to students, and most importantly in some cases, to patients.

Therefore the right voice must do their due diligence in researching the subjects and terminology contained within each project. Not only that, but they must also be mindful of inflections and emphasis, so they may appear like a colleague or practitioner to the ear.


Navigating the correct tone comes down to knowing the intent and audience of each project, and this is of special importance in medical voiceover. Educating a nervous patient about their upcoming procedure calls for a very different delivery than a student studying for their exams. The right voice knows which is which, and how to apply them most effectively. This is why services like the NHS have come to me for their medical voiceover needs.

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