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Corporate Media

Corporate media is really the bread and butter for a deep voiced authoritative-sounding voiceover artist like myself. Whatever the size of the company or the budget they're working with; I believe every brand and business deserves to have their story told, their message delivered, or their triumps celebrated.

Not every business has access to the same resources, which is why I strive to wear many hats in the service of my corporate clients. Not just a voice, but a director, sound engineer and producer all rolled into one. I like to do my due dilligence in finding out everything I can about a company's ethos, their mission and goals, and make them my own. In this way I can represent that business and provide a voiceover product that matches authentically with their brand identity, encaptures their target audience and illicits the desired feelings. No matter if it's B2B, B2C, or B2E.

Many companies operate on tight deadlines which is why clients like Huawei, Dr. Martens, and bioMérieux have enjoyed my fast 24 hours or less turnaround when needed.

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